Youth Assistance For Edgerton School District Students.


In 2014, Gifts For Kids started a new program to provide financial assistance to Edgerton School District students.  Gifts For Kids goal is to help students stay involved with school activities and to provide clothing or other essential items that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Gifts For Kids wrote a new procedure and developed a youth assistance request form to be used to request financial assistance for a student (Click HERE to complete the form electronically) The student or parent/guardian completes the form by describing their need and what the financial assistance would be used for.  A school social worker, school counselor, or Edgerton Community Outreach director reviews the request and then forwards it to the G4K Board for review.

Following are some of the items that Gifts For Kids has provided funding for:

  • Paid fees for students to go on school field trips.  (Activity Day & Other School Field Trips throughout the School Year)
  • Paid for various clothing requests not offered via the Care Closet or ECO.  
  • Paid for school supplies when not available at ECO.    
  • Paid for students sports physicals.   
  • Paid for parts to repair car for student driving to part time on the job training after school.

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