Support to the Edgerton Teen Center

In 2015, Gifts For Kids became a proud supporter to the Edgerton Teen Center. In the spring 2015, Gifts For Kids was one of the first organizations to sponsor the “hot meal” program that started at the Edgerton Teen Center. Gifts For Kids donated a pizza oven in 2015 then after the new Teen Center’s kitchen was completed purchased the Teen Center a new conventional oven which was installed in October 2016!  Gifts For Kids (since the spring of 2015) continues to donates ALL the frozen Pizza’s for the Pizza Party which is held the FIRST Wednesday of every month as part of the Teen Center’s Hot Meal Program!   On Friday, May 22, 2015 G4K President Steve Burwell and G4K Secretary Lori Ainsworth presented a check for $1,000 to Dave Flood of the Edgerton Teen Center.  Dave Flood said that the funds will be used to towards the new Teen Skilled Trade Shop & Recording Studio. Jeffrey Helgesen donated $75,000 as part of a matching grant challenge to pay-off the Teen Center property.  Due to his matching grant challenge, the Teen Center raised a combined total of $150,000.11.  This included a check for $2,000 presented to Dave Flood on Thursday, December 24, 2015 by G4K President Steve Burwell, G4K Secretary Lori Ainsworth, and G4K board member Donna Slagg. On March 20, 2017 G4K Board Member Jessica Feggestad dropped of $300 worth of kitchen supplies to the Teen Center and the next day Steve Burwell dropped of a check in the amount of $1,000 to be used in the Teen Skilled Trade Shop to purchase 2 large rolling tool boxes!  On February 15, 2018 G4K Secretary Lori Ainsworth dropped off a check in the amount of $1,200 to use towards finishing the Recording Studio along with a $100 Piggly Wiggly Gift card to purchase pizza’s for the pizza party G4K continues to support as well has a “ton” of yummy mixes to stock the kitchen!  The teens love to whip up warm treats in their kitchen! On October 5, 2018 Lori met with Dave Flood to drop off a $100 Piggly Wiggly gift card and 144 individually wrapped beef stick donation via Landmark and to discuss a “New Way” to “light-uP” the Teen Center!   Thanks to Ronda Dorn, Steve Burwell, Rick Petersen and the support of the entire G4K BOD you’ll be amazed as you look ‘up’ to see the 2nd & 3rd floor of the Teen Center all “lit uP” with 8 beautiful Christmas trees over the holidays!  Especially fun to see during the Holiday Light Parade!   On 12/12/18 G4K purchased a new computer for the Teen Center (w/solid state hard drive, windows 10 software, 25 inch monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse) from the local business Three Blind Mice after Steve Burwell read a Teen Center FB post.  On 12/8/19 G4K purchased these “teen” focused gifts … Merry Christmas Teens!  Phone/Device Charging Stations, Two 40″ TV’s, 2 Xbox ONE X, Minecraft, 8 Xbox Controllers, 40+ Rechargeable Batteries w/Charging Station, Drums for Rock band, 300 square feet of Carpet for Recording Studio, Vacuum Cleaner (first NEW Vacuum ever) and a Cue Stick Rack!  In May 2020 G4K BOD donation $1K towards the Teen Center’s “Front Façade Repair and Restoration Project  (keeping the historical nature of the building)!  All good stuff!  For more information about the Teen Center, please click on the following links to visit either the Edgerton Teen Center Website or their FaceBook page.

TeenCenterDonation Dec24 2015 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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