Edgerton Public Library

In 2018 Gifts For Kids found another fit within their mission when they visited with Director & Youth Services Librarian, Kirsten Almo at the Edgerton Public Library.  What a wonderful place for children of all ages and Gifts For Kids couldn’t wait to support several items Kirsten had on her WISH list!  With that donation Kirsten was able to purchase the following items:  Interaction table with 4 oodle seats (oodle seats feature three cylinder-shaped components which can be set up so the student can sit still or enjoy 10 degrees of multidirectional rocking motion).  A 6-sided science activity table which includes magnets, magnifiers and mirrors as well as a longer table which included 2 ipad stations. Keva Planks & Magnetic construction tiles that are not only fun, but educational and the ideal activity to help children gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design. A large stretchy band used in the early literacy classes (dance & play and story-time) as well as 2 activities (build your own kaleidoscope and bucket drumming)!  On December 20, 2018 Gifts For Kids BOD Jessica Feggestad dropped off an early Christmas gift of NEW GAMES … just in time for kids & teens to hang out at the library over the holiday break!  To learn more about all the Edgerton Public Library has to offer click HERE!

July 25, 2018: Tracy Deavers (G4K President), Kirsten Almo, Director & Youth Services Librarian & Steve Burwell (G4K Treasurer) are all smiles after seeing the many “wish list” items Kristen was able to purchase via the Gifts For Kids donation!