Care Closets in Edgerton Elementary, Yahara, Middle, High, and Alternative Schools.


Gifts For Kids started to fund the “Care Closets” in 2014 by supplying the materials to build the first care closet at the elementary school.

In February 2015 Gifts For Kids embraced this entire program which was previously sponsored by both Gifts For Kids and Edgerton Outreach. Gifts For Kids now fully funds the care closet program. The Care Closet program currently includes 5 Care Closets in the Edgerton school district (High School, Middle School, Elementary School, Yahara School & Alternative school). Care Closet Inventory includes, but is not limited to: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body lotion, shampoo, cream rinse, body wash, bar soap, tampons, pads, hair ties, chapstick, yoga pants, athletic pants, athletic shorts, socks, underwear, granola bars & snack items. Gifts For Kids also provides school supplies and other clothing needs when not available via Edgerton Outreach. Gifts For Kids also purchased a microwave oven for the Alternative School and provides microwavable food for those students via the Care Closet.

Care Closet

This is a photo of the care closet in the elementary school. Materials were paid for by Gifts For Kids and it was designed and built by the high school as a student project. A real win-win project for everyone!

Care Closet Items

Some of the items provided in the Care Closets at each of the Edgerton schools.